We are a team united by our obsession with every nuance of fine wine: from exploring the vineyards to the glass into which it is poured, every aspect is considered.
Creating unique collections is our mission, as we craft and shape every aspect to meet your demands and palate.

Trevor De Yong


I have long been immersed in the world of wine, from retail in Australia, to winemaking in picturesque Tuscany. I fell in love with the rituals, the heritage and the traditions.

Showing people the potential for their collection is a never-ending discovery of new regions and helping people see how they can share that experience with others.

This is what excites and drives me. This is what sparked my desire to guide collectors in building and tailoring their wine cellars, creating stand-out collections that are some of the world’s finest.

Chris Wood


From retail management, to exploring the worlds’s finest wineries and the producers behind them, my commercial experiences have shaped my obsession with fine wine. It is the soul and essence of everything I do.

The process of drawing on creativity, knowledge and experience to refine, design and tailor some of the most unique collections in the world is exhilarating. This is what brings the world of wine to life for me.

Rob Hankey


When I first tried Giacomo Conterno’s Barolo 1964 it was a life experience. This is what set me on a path to pursue my obsession with fine wine.

I am fascinated by the nuances of the French palate, along with the language, and I have honed both by serving the finest private and trade cellars around the globe. As Collection Crafter I am able to interact with people of the same passion by travelling the globe to seek out the world of wine’s finest hidden gems.

Jon Higgs


Tasting the entire Errazuriz Icon range from a barrel at the winery whilst watching the sunrise over the Andes in Aconcagua Valley, Chile – these are the experiences that inspire me when it comes to the culture which both wine and food create.

Working closely with clients, questioning and challenging their collections allows me to draw on my experiences and knowledge, and to share my passion to help shape something truly unique and exquisite.

Tina Salvesen


Luke Colyer


James Dennis


Gary Berry