We believe that wine is something to collect, curate and celebrate, that wine is an obsession to be pondered and explored over a lifetime.

At Chelsea Vintners we fulfil this mission through designing some of the world’s most exquisite collections of fine wine.

We can shape your existing cellar to reflect your palate and vision and we can help you view your collection holistically.

We can consolidate a number of cellars to form one collection, ensuring that they work together to reflect your taste and investment choices.

We can design a new collection that is bespoke to your tastes and experiences.
This might be for an event or it may form your first foray into fine wine collecting.

We are here to serve you throughout your journey with us.

We always begin with an assessment to understand where you are today. This involves an in-depth tasting to gain insight into your palate.
This helps us to create the vision for your new or existing cellar. We outline the changes needed to form the ultimate collection in accordance with your timescale.
Finally, we develop a bespoke plan to buy and to deliver your collection.

Throughout this process we will work to your desired tastes and use our knowledge of trends that we have observed through our close alliances with the worlds finest wine producers. This means that your collection will be like no other, with the right balance of older vintages and investments for the future.

If you are planning an event or escape abroad, we can tailor your ultimate collection of fine wine to suit and enhance your experience.

To further understand how to create your One Collection with Chelsea Vintners,
email our Collection Director – Chris Wood