Working alongside our clients. Understanding their vision. Seeking out the most remarkable wines & spirits. Building truly unique collections … this is what our highly experienced team of wine lovers thrives on.

Whether it’s sourcing a special wine for a client or adding to our own carefully-chosen stock list, provenance and integrity are fundamental to everything we do. Each and every purchase we make is subject to meticulous, rigorous checks to ensure that only the best bottles make it to our clients’ cellars.

This philosophy is the driving force that makes Chelsea Vintners a wine merchant like no other.


Collections evolve. Palates & circumstances change. Markets move. We understand this and work smartly and proactively to maximise the value of our clients’ precious private collections should you decide it’s time to sell.

Whether it be a rare loose bottle, a full case or an entire collection, we will consider all purchases and ensure our offers are fair and competitive. As always, customer care is our main priority and we guarantee a prompt, stress-free service from beginning to end.




Our storage partner’s state-of-the-art facility is one of the most secure fine wine storage locations in the world. Located at an ex-Ministry of Defence site situated within easy reach of London, the facility occupies a network of subterranean former munitions silos which provide perfect temperature stability and security for safe long term fine wine storage.

Our partner’s own drivers provide an efficient way to deliver your wines safely and in perfect condition, whenever you want them.


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Row upon row of perfectly pruned vines anticipating the coming of spring … is there a more exciting sight?⁠⁠
One of the greatest things about a love of wine is that exploring the world's greatest fine wine regions almost invariably transports you to some of the most beautiful places on earth. Incredible vineyards and stunning scenery go hand-in-hand, and we will never get tired of experiencing views such as this on our wine travels.⁠⁠
Can you guess where in the world of wine this picture was taken? You might be surprised …⁠⁠
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What’s better than a bottle of @veuveclicquot? A five bottle line up of Veuve Clicquot’s best and brightest, of course …

We can’t wait to get back to in-person tastings like this one as soon as rules allow, and with a celebratory summer fast approaching it seems like high time we were thinking ahead to all those corks we are going to be popping!

This excellent tasting showed a great range of Veuve’s best, from the Brut NV right up to the eponymous Grande Dame, the house’s outstanding prestige cuvée named for the legendary Madame Clicquot herself.

This wine is a tribute to this famous lady whose legacy echoes through the Champagne region even to this day. Only fruit from the very best Grand Cru vineyards finds its way into the Grande Dame, with Pinot Noir (Veuve’s most beloved grape variety) comprising over 90% of the blend to create a sparkling wine of sheer class, elegance and depth.

It’s never too early to start stocking up on your summer Champagne … contact the Chelsea Vintners team to discuss your requirements.

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A truly exceptional bottle to start the weekend with …⁠⁠
Bollinger R.D. is one of the most sought-after releases from this legendary Champagne house. The R.D. stands for 'recently disgorged', and the concept for this wine was first devised by Madame Bollinger in the 1960s. She wanted to create a bold and beautiful top-end cuvée that represented all the power and ingenuity of her great house, and so the R.D. was born – a series of wines from outstanding vintages that spend around three times longer aging on the lees than their normal counterparts. This equates to about 13 years in the cellar, an incredibly lengthy maturation time that elevates the flavours and aromas of the wine into something truly otherworldly.⁠⁠
The blend is Pinot Noir dominant (around 65%) and all the fruit is taken from Grand and Premier Cru vineyards to ensure that nothing but the best ends up in the bottle. These wines are true nectar from heaven, deep golden in colour with a luxurious effervescence and sumptuous aromas of apricot, hazelnut, smooth silky praline and toasted almonds, lifted and balanced by perfectly precise acidity. ⁠⁠
Legend has it that Bollinger R.D. is also James Bond's favourite Champagne … and if it's good enough for 007, it's certainly good enough for us!⁠⁠
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A pair of Coche-Dury 2017s is certainly a lovely sight at any dinner table.⁠⁠
The intense, concentrated, balanced and beautiful wines of Coche-Dury are amongst the most sought after wines in Burgundy and the world. The original cult producer, Jean-François Coche and his son Raphaël have nurtured their reputation through exacting, meticulous attention to detail at every single stage of the winemaking process, from eye-wateringly low yields in the vineyard to a magnificently long aging process for the top wines, which spend up to 22 months in barrique before bottling.⁠⁠
These twin Meursaults delivered everything we would expect of such a legendary wine – brimming with depth, texture, complexity and flavour, showing the 'struck match' character so desired in top white Burgundy to perfection. A final flourish with a spoonful of caviar and we have a match made in heaven!⁠⁠
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Sometimes the old ways are still the best …⁠⁠
The legendary Domaine de la Romanée-Conti has been officially certified biodynamic as 2008, and keeps this philosophy in which the vineyard is treated as a part of a wider living, breathing ecosystem at the heart of everything it does.⁠⁠
Biodynamic viticulture eschews the use of all artificial chemicals and fertilisers, and instead advocates techniques such as planning key tasks in the vineyard in accordance with the biodynamic calendar and special 'preparations' such as specially prepared cow manure, which is spread on the vines at key times during the growing season.⁠⁠
However, perhaps one of the most joyful elements of this philosophy is the emphasis on animals in the vineyard, primarily as facilitators of all-natural fertiliser (!) but also on occasion to help in other ways.⁠⁠
In this beautiful image, we see ploughing at the iconic Romanée-Conti vineyard about to begin using a traditional horse-drawn plough. Although undoubtedly a niche technique, it is possible to see horses hard at work at several of Burgundy's most prestigious estates – not only gentle on the environment, but also a rather wonderful sight to behold as you travel through the region!⁠⁠
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