Working alongside our clients. Understanding their vision. Seeking out the most remarkable wines & spirits. Building truly unique collections… This is what our highly experienced team of wine & spirits lovers thrives on.

Whether it’s sourcing a special wine for a client or adding to our own carefully-chosen stock list, provenance and integrity are fundamental to everything we do. Each and every purchase we make is subject to meticulous, rigorous checks to ensure that only the best bottles make it to our clients’ cellars.

This philosophy is the driving force that makes Chelsea Vintners a wine merchant like no other.


Collections evolve. Palates & circumstances change. Markets move. We understand this and work smartly and proactively to maximise the value of our clients’ precious private collections should you decide it’s time to sell.

Whether it be a rare loose bottle, a full case or an entire collection, we will consider all purchases and ensure our offers are fair and competitive. As always, customer care is our main priority and we guarantee a prompt, stress-free service from beginning to end.



Our storage partner’s state-of-the-art facility is one of the most secure fine wine storage locations in the world. Located at an ex-Ministry of Defence site situated within easy reach of London, the facility occupies a network of subterranean former munitions silos. We are proud to say that our dedicated Chamber is fitted with state of the art temperature control and security for safe long term fine wine storage.

Our partner’s own drivers provide an efficient way to deliver your wines safely and in perfect condition, whenever you want them.


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Yesterday's en primeur release of Cheval Blanc 2023 got the CV team thinking back to our trip to Bordeaux last June and the fantastic hospitality we enjoyed at St-Emilion's most famous address. It's particularly special for us to see the new release come through knowing that we stood alongside those very grapes in the vineyard last June! ⁠⁠What's more, Cheval 2023 is absolutely one of our wines of the vintage. On tasting, @gilescooper78 described it as a fascinatingly elegant foil to the overt, opulent 2022, and his praise was confirmed with a 96-98 score from Neal Martin and talk of a potential perfect 100 from William Kelley.⁠⁠Whilst we bask in the memories of this beautiful château (and wish that the warm Bordeaux weather would return to the UK) you can explore more of Giles's 2023 en primeur recommendations by following the link in our bio. The campaign is well underway, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with your Private Client Specialist and register your interest in your favourite properties.⁠⁠#finewine #rarewine #bordeaux #winesofbordeaux #enprimeur #bordeauxenprimeur2023 #bordeauxenprimeur #chevalblanc #chateauchevalblanc #chevalblanc2023 #stemilion #rightbank #chelseavintners⁠
Any lover of Bordeaux - or indeed, wine in general - will surely have been diligently keeping one eye glued to the internet last week, as the 2023 Bordeaux en primeur campaign got underway with all the appropriate fanfare. The great and the good of the world’s wine trade descended upon Bordeaux with notebooks and tasting glasses poised, ready to discover more about the new vintage before a flurry of releases over the coming weeks. Wine Instagram was positively overflowing with barrel shots, bottle shots, smiling faces in front of famous châteaux ... and more than one ultra-competitive wine merchant racing round a course in a mini Defender-style go-kart in front of @chateautroplongmondot.⁠⁠Whilst he didn't have time to get his score on the race track board, our Buying Director and resident Bordeaux-phile @gilescooper78 was front and centre at some of our favourite châteaux with old friends and new acquaintances, digging deep to discover the highlights of an intriguing and highly-anticipated vintage. There are plenty of fantastic winemakers doing wonderful things on both sides of the river, and as the new releases start to trickle into our inboxes this week, Giles has done some of the hard work for us and distilled his thoughts into our Bordeaux En Primeur 2023 Report.⁠⁠🍷 Follow the link in our bio to read the full report 🍷 and discover Giles's thoughts on the vintage, the market, and, perhaps most importantly, his top tips for the best châteaux who have delivered some fantastic 2023s with all that soulful magic that makes Bordeaux so special for us.⁠⁠⁠#finewine #rarewine #bordeauxwine #winesofbordeaux #enprimeur #enprimeur2023 #bordeauxenprimeur2023 #bordeauxreport #winereport #winestagram #enprimeurreleases #chateauchevalblanc #chateaubeausejour #2023bordeaux #bordeaux #chelseavintners
Last Friday, the CV London team put our Out of Office on and headed down to Guildford for our first annual company walk. Our fantastic team are an incredibly hard working bunch, and we wanted to give them all the opportunity to get some fresh country air, reset and recharge - plus, when @james_mead80 offered to show us round his usual haunts in Godalming and very generously open up his home cellar for a treat or two, who were we to say no!⁠⁠Fortunately, the rain held off whilst we stomped the 6 miles between Guildford and Godalming (hitting quite literally the second we all took an outside seat at the pub for a well-deserved beer) and James presented us with some excellent blind tasting conversation over lunch with a brilliantly chosen selection of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.⁠⁠A great day out for all with our team now hitting the new week refreshed and energised - and always, top marks to @hamish.greening for his choice of trousers.⁠⁠#finewine #rarewine #winebroker #winetime #chelseavintners #mentalhealth #mentalhealthday #companywalk ⁠⁠
Last week, our Head of Marketing and resident Master of Wine student @jesslambwrites joined a group of fellow students on a study trip to the beautiful Douro Valley, the home of Port wine and undeniably one of the most gorgeous wine regions on earth.⁠⁠No fine wine collection is complete without a generous Port section - this historic fortified wine is not only rich in history but also in depth, flavour, and sheer deliciousness. Thanks to the generosity of hosts @fladgatepartnership, @symingtonfamilyestates and @quintadonoval_official, Jess explored the incredible diversity of this category and tasted some of the best Port wines that the Douro has to offer, from bright, buoyant Ruby to the nutty, oxidative delight that is aged Tawny (a sneak preview of a soon-to-be-released 50 Year Old Tawny from the kind people of @grahams_port was a masterclass in intensity and concentration). An 18-Port line up at 10am on a Monday morning is a suitably majestic way to start the week.⁠⁠Highlights of the trip included @taylorsportwine Vintage 1977 - older than most of those assembled around the table - and a superlative Nacional 2003, which displayed all the fabulous depth and complexity that you would expect from one of Port's most famous bottlings.⁠⁠It's also important not to neglect the still wines of the Douro, an increasingly popular category that is enjoying a significant boost in both the domestic and international markets, as savvy drinkers cotton on to the incredible value and quality offered by these wines - overlook them at your peril as these wines are without a doubt some of the fine wine superstars of tomorrow.⁠⁠#finewine #rarewine #portwine #dourowine #winesofthedouro #symingtonfamilyestates #fladgatepartnership #quintadonoval #grahamsport #taylorsport #tawnyport #rubyport #50yearoldtawnyport #winetasting #winetravel #dourovalley #instituteofmastersofwine #masterofwinestudent #chelseavintners⁠⁠⁠
Our resident Kiwi @tatecourtney is naturally a passionate advocate of all things Aeotearoa - and to this end, last week she assembled a team of those who share her bias that NZ produces some astonishingly good Chardonnay and Pinot Noir on a level that can more than compete with any of the world's classic regions. ⁠⁠CV favourite Felton Road's Block 2 Chardonnay was straight outta the gates, pure and elegant as a prize racehorse and almost as refreshing as diving straight into the stretch of beautiful blue Lake Dunstan that Felton overlooks … the Felton was tasted next to an excellent Aubert Hudson Vineyard 2016, another top Chelsea Vintners pick which offered all the best bits of a Californian powerhouse but balanced sensationally with perfectly pure acidity. ⁠⁠Onto the reds, and Wine of the Night was most certainly the Bell Hill Pinot Noir - hard enough to get your hands on when you're actually in the Waipara, let alone when 30+ hours worth of air travel stands between you and a bottle or two. Bichot Malconsorts was spice edged and very classy, whilst the Echezeaux was a broody beauty that could have sat happily for another 5 years but nevertheless offered up a beautiful classically Burgundian profile. ⁠⁠Line up:⁠Felton Road Block 2 Chardonnay 2020⁠Aubert Hudson Vineyard Chardonnay 2016⁠Bell Hill Pinot Noir 2009⁠Clos Frantin - Bichot Les Malconsorts 2012⁠Clos Frantin - Bichot Echezeaux 2014
A seriously good lunchtime duo for @damiantillson this week ... proving why you can still never go wrong with a couple of stunners from the classic wine regions! ⁠⁠Kicking off with a glorious white Burgundy from a Chelsea Vintners favourite, a 2013 Guffens-Heynen, Saint-Véran, Cuvé Unique - seriously impressive St-Véran from Jean-Marie Guffens and great to try with some bottle age. We have delighted in opening some older bottles from G-H over the last few months and every one seems to futher confirm just how well his wines evolve.  Pretty rich and opulent, ripe and verging on the tropical but not over the top and with a lovely seam of acidity piercing through to the looooong finish.⁠⁠Then, back to Bordeaux with a 2003 Léoville-las-Cases - a wine that seems to get better and better as time does on, flying in the face of the perceived idea that 2003s are  overcooked and will fall apart, and further confirming how well-deserved Las-Cases' 'super Second' status is ... nipping at the heels of the First Growths with aplomb. I was struck by the freshness in this bottle, certainly ripe, complex (blackcurrant, cedarwood, leather and vanilla), with nicely balanced acidity and plenty of time ahead of it.⁠⁠#finewine #rarewine #winetasting #winelunch #chelseavintners #jmguffens #Stveran #Burgundy  #Bordeaux #Leovillelascases #saintjulien⁠
Gordon & MacPhail have been arguably the leading independent bottler in Scotch whisky for over a century. The term 'bottler' can be a touch misleading, though, when bottling is merely the last step in a process that starts when G&M purchase new-make spirit from leading distillers and then applied their legendary ‘wood regime’. For it is in the cask selection and maturation that the magic at G&M happens (it’s been said that G&M’s skill with casks outstrips many of the leading distillers themselves) and the reason that in particular their older bottlings are so sought after.⁠⁠Their skill applies equally to younger spirit, however, and their ability to match whiskies with casks - and knowing when to apply special ‘finishes’ (when the whisky spends a short time in more ‘influential’ cask, such as red wine, port, or Pedro Ximenez sherry) makes for some exceptional drams at seriously affordable prices. Furthermore their ability to pick out those distilleries which typically only sell to large blenders, but which have the quality and character to stand alone, makes for some true insiders’ drinking. ⁠⁠The CV team were lucky to spend an evening last week in the company of G&M’s Luke Todd-Wood, who provided education, information, and not a small amount of excellent whisky; personal favourites varied but the pink-hued Caol Ila finished in a Sassicaia cask was an absolute revelation. Lightly smoked and with whispers of red fruit, it strikes us as the essential dram for post-dinner drinks around the fire pit with some decent music… (opinions on that also varied!)⁠⁠#finewine #rarespirits #whisky #gordonandmacphail #whiskybottlers #whiskybottling #spirits #spiritslover #chelseavintners
The CV team are all enjoying the beginning of a few extra (and very well-deserved) days off this bank holiday weekend, but @james_mead80 and @gilescooper78 have most definitely earned an extra helping of roast lamb on Easter Sunday after conquering the 'Fete des Vins' St-Emilion half marathon last Sunday. When one of our favourite vignerons, @josephineduffaulagarrosse invited Giles to join the team at @beausejour_jdl for this epic race, he couldn't resist - and fortunately James was up for the challenge, too! ⁠⁠In Giles's own words ...⁠⁠'Training is hard - impossible even - when you have acute Achilles tendonitis for the 5 weeks leaving up to the race ... but I’m a silly sort of bugger so @james_mead80 and I went off to give it a crack. Most of team Beauséjour stuck it out together and finished in just a couple of minutes over 2 hours - very decent considering the course is actually closer to 23km than 21km. James and I were a little slower… and were definitely the last two finishers in the team (James comfortably ahead of me, mind you) but finish we did, with me having eaten most of my emergency paracetamol en route. We contributed very little apart from some half-decent chat over the excellent lunch that followed, but we had a great time, despite being in pretty much complete agony when I crossed the line, and tasting Joséphine’s 2023 from barrel eased some of the pain, at least.⁠⁠I don’t think this event gets enough air time in the British wine trade but I would highly recommend it - really good set up, running through some iconic vineyards, and a seriously hilly challenge to boot.' 🍷 🏃🏼‍♂️⁠⁠We are very proud of both James and Giles (and Giles's Achilles tendon for managing to hold out) - a massive well done to them, as well as a huge thank you to Joséphine and the Beauséjour team for their ever-superb hospitality and for again welcoming Chelsea Vintners into the Beauséjour family. Chapeau, gents!⁠⁠#running #stemilionhalfmarathon #stemilion #fetedesvins #beausejour #chateaubeausejour #beausejour2023 #barreltasting #agony #halfmarathon #chelseavintners
@tatecourtney and @hamish.greening sat down with winemaking legend Ernie Loosen last week to taste through his latest release of his three Reserve Alte Reben Grosses Gewachs (or GGRs, as Ernie likes to say). Courtney tells us more ...⁠⁠'It's safe to say that as a pair of diehard Riesling nerds, we were very eager to try these and had to keep our cool as Ernie is certainly one of the biggest names in the world of Riesling. ⁠⁠We joined him to taste the 2018 release of his Wehlener Sonnenuhr GG, Ürziger Würzgarten GG, and Erdener Prälat GG.  Each of these wines had been long aged on lees, without batonnage for 2 years in fuder casks, followed by up to a further 48 months in bottle before release. Ernie first began experimenting with this uber long lees aging in 1981 when he convinced his father to let him have a barrel of Wehlener Sonnenuhr after reading an old book which talked about the decades of freshness to be found iMosel Riesling even after aging for 20-30 years. He kept his first iteration on lees for 27 years and thus his ‘Indutomarus’ was born, as was his GGR range, which aged for a much more manageable 2 years. ⁠⁠The vine age across the three GG’s average at 70 years old (with many up to 120 years of age) and the concentration of acids in the tiny bunches from these veteran vines is sensational ... the heat of the 2018 vintage was absolutely nowhere to be seen in these wines. We were blown away with each, the Erdener Prälat 2018 causing Hamish and I to grin (slightly maniacally) with absolute delight. The 2012 we had for comparison could have been from the same vintage ... these wines are ageless!'⁠⁠#finewine #rarewine #winesofgermany #moselwine #winesofmosel #riesling #rieslinglover #rieslingnerds #drloosen #ernieloosen #rieslingroyalty #grossesgewachsriesling #winetasting #chelseavintners
Team CV were incredibly lucky to spend an hour yesterday afternoon with Californian winemaking legend Tim Mondavi, talking all things Napa and the new release of his Continuum Estate 2021.⁠⁠Continuum lost their entire crop in 2020 due to the devastating Californian wildfires that year, so 2021 was an extra-special year and a true return to form. Tim's beloved 'mountain wine' is taken from their Sage Mountain Vineyard in the sought-after Pritchard Hill area, which sits between 1300m and 1600m altitude on the slopes of the Vaca mountain range just east of Oakville. The San Francisco Bay can be glimpsed in the distance, and the area benefits from the direct influence of the cooling Pacific fogs that roll in from the coast - it is in large part thanks to this fog, Tim says, that the area is better-protected against the warming climate than many other parts of the region. ⁠⁠Whilst Pritchard Hill may be relatively under-the-radar compared to some of Napa’s most famous sites, Continuum is a wine that should certainly be high on the radar of any self-respecting Napa lover. Tim values a clean, complete finish and evolution of character in his wines, and the 2021 certainly delivers energy and elegance alike. Generous dark berry fruit is balanced by impeccable structure and and a pure seam of minerality (thanks to the area's varied volcanic soil types) that sits more than happily shoulder-to-shoulder with subtle, superbly integrated oak. Tim avoids stainless steel entirely in this winemaking process, preferring a combination of 75% small oak and 25% concrete for fermentation to encourage that incredibly complete, glossy finish. It's full of joy even at such a young age, but definitely a wine that will go the distance. The Mondavis like their wines old, after all!⁠⁠A huge thank you to Tim, David and Rachel for such a fantastic Tuesday treat 🍷⁠⁠#finewine #rarewine #winesofcalifornia #timmondavi #mondaviwine #continuumwine #continuumestate #continuumestate2021 #napavalleywine #pritchardhill #sagemountainvineyard #cabernetsauvignon #cabernetfranc #merlot #petitverdot #californiawine #winetasting #winemaker #chelseavintners
The beginning of a new era at Domaine des Lambrays 🍷@lvmh-owned since 2014 and part of the Vins d'Exceptions 'supergroup' alongside Cheval Blanc, Chateau d'Yquem, and Colgin Cellars, DdL is a legendary Burgundian domaine with a storied history dating back to 1365. 2022 is a significant step forward in this history, as both the first year the estate's wines are certified organic, and the first year they were produced in their stunning new winery - with four new wines also added to the domaine's holdings. Our Buying Director @gilescooper78 was fortunate enough (and more than a little smug) to be invited to the launch tasting of the 2022 vintage at @claridgeshotel. True to form, the vintage didn't disappoint, with the highlights as follows ...🍇 ⁠Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Clos du Cailleret: tiny walled clos at one end of Cailleret vineyard. Stony, austere, white flowers, masses of power and dry extract. Stunning mineral length and energy. 🍇 Morey-Saint-Denis 1er Cru Clos Sorbe: just returned to the collection. Made famous by Jacky Truchot bottling. Earthy, powerful tannins, fabulous energy and mineral lift. 'A little Clos des Lambrays' says Jacques Devauge.🍇 Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Richemone: not your common on garden NSG. Ethereal, high-pitched aromatics, austere fruit and flowers, spice, like smoke on the wind. Firmly structured but with bright mineral and blood orange character. A real charmer.🍇 Clos des Lambrays Grand Cru: So much density, but with lift. Richness but with sparkling energy. Tannins build a chiselled character with no firm edges, textured like a limestone statue. Incredibly, despite plots being individually picked and fermented, there is no selection - everything goes in. 'Not an assemblage - a reunification'. Stunning.Afterwards to @helenedarrozeattheconnaught for dinner, and a mere pouring of the 1937 and 1938 DdL to compare and contrast. Only one real winner, with '37 being far and away the superior vintage, but the '38 still fascinating, and a rollercoaster ... alive, gone, back alive again, gone for good, then back for one last hurrah. Huge thanks to the Vins d'Exception team and @winelister for such a memorable event!
It's always a great pleasure to taste Château d'Yquem, but even more so when joined by Pierre Lurton and Steve Simon-Graziano, who led us in a guided tasted of the château's new 2021 release.⁠⁠Yquem prides itself on a unique purity and freshness that lifts even the sweetest of vintages to create a 'dessert' wine that is, in reality, so much more than just a pairing for pudding.  So much so, in fact, that Pierre often insists that it is served as an aperitif - and from personal experience in the form of more than one dinner paired exclusively with Yquem vintages, the CV team can confirm that this wine certainly does not deserve to be relegated to the back end of dinner service.⁠⁠⁠All agreed that the 2021 was, simply, a joy. Bright, energetic and pure but with all that hallmark Yquem depth and flavour, unctuous ripe white peaches and vanilla with tangerine zest and lemon curd in abundance - all balanced by that exquisite Yquem sweetness.⁠⁠Thank you to Pierre and Steve!⁠⁠#finewine #rarewine #chateaudyquem #yquem #chateaudyquem2021 #sweetwine #noblerot #bordeauxwine #winesofbordeaux #pierrelurton #lvmh #chelseavintners