Jack Grosvenor


What is your most memorable wine experience?

I think it would take some doing to beat my visit to Château Lafite. After an amazing tour of the Château and grounds, they treated us to an incredible meal in the family’s dining room – a truly surreal experience. Whilst eating some delicious food, we were served various incredible wines, including Château Lafite 1990. This is still one of the very best wines I have tasted to date, if not the best, and of course it paired magically with the cheeseboard at the end of the meal. Just sensational. 

If you could choose any wine from the CV Top 100, which one would you pick and why?

It’s probably the most boring/unimaginative choice of all, but I have to go for the DRC Romanée-Conti – either the legendary 1945, or more likely the 1999. Simply because ever since I’ve known anything about wine, DRC has been the name that stands out above all others! The ’45 would be a life-changing experience no doubt, but I would fear it might have lost too much of the fruit. I love the developed notes but am still keen on having a big expression of fruit, so I think the ’99 would probably just about do the trick!  I still haven’t tasted any of their glorious creations, so am desperate to find out if all the fuss is justified! 

You’re throwing a dinner party and can invite anyone, dead or alive. Who do you invite and what would be your signature food and wine pairing? 

Time to make the weirdest dinner party imaginable. First on the list is James Hetfield, frontman of my favourite band MetallicaI couldn’t have an imaginary dinner party without Sir Alex Ferguson, legendary manager of my beloved Manchester United and self-confessed oenophileMartin Scorsese needs to be there too; and I’d be very interested to have a chat with one of my favourite actors, so Leo DiCaprio would be very welcome as well.  As for the signature food and wine pairing… I’ve turned to the dark side in the past few years (vegetarianism) so I’d surprise them all by grilling up some delicious ‘Beyond Meat’ burgers, smothering them in all kinds of delicious cheese and serving with a good few bottles of Bruno Giacosa’s Barolo Falletto Riserva 1990. The wine and the chat’s what we’re all there for anyway, right?! 

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