What is your most memorable wine experience?

Enjoying a bottle of Coche-Dury & oysters at 11am. I was visiting Chagny in Burgundy, and we had just been to the morning market for fresh oysters. We walked past the Cave and the wine’s label jumped out at me – I couldn’t say no! We asked the owner if we could put the oysters in the fridge but something must have got lost in translation and he started shucking them for us at the table.

If you could choose any wine from the CV Top 100, which one would you pick and why?

Domaine d’Auvenay Criots Batard Montrachet 2010. I’m a sucker for White Burgundy and I love this vintage and producer for its purity, power, concentration and tension. Madame has not released her 2010’s as yet so this would be a very special bottle to get your hands on.

You’re throwing a dinner party for 4 guests and can invite anyone, dead or alive. Who do you invite and what would be your signature food and wine pairing?

Meat pies and beer with Bob Hawke at the Boxing Day test! Haha, that’s a joke…

Pierre Overnoy Vin Jaune and oysters to start, we would save half the bottle and finish it off with 36 month Comte Gruyere cheese.


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