Vivien Crook

Vivien Crook


What is your most memorable wine experience?

Quite simply enjoying great wines when I stayed at Villa Pátzay, a wine hotel at Lake Balaton, Hungary. 

If you could choose any wine from the CV Top 100, which one would you pick and why?  

Château d’YquemI like sweet wine – due to my Hungarian heritage, I love Tokaji. So a suitable alternative would arguably be the world’s greatest sweet wine. It is characterised by their complexity, concentration and sweetness, which is balanced by high acidity. 

 You’re throwing a dinner party and can invite anyone, dead or alive. Who do you invite and what would be your signature food and wine pairing?

My signature food would be homemade vegan apple tart with Château d’Yquem. I would invite Gordon Ramsay and Charles Heidsieck. 

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