Most passionate lovers of wine will carry with them through their lives one specific, unforgettable bottle imprinted on their memory – the special drop which first ignited their passion for wine. For Luke Colyer, Private Client Specialist at Chelsea Vintners, it was a 1999 Bouchard Père et Fils Vosne-Romanée from Burgundy. Luke was at university at the time, drinking cheap supermarket wine to his heart’s content … until a fateful weekend visit home to his parents and a bottle of wine brought to the table by his godfather.

“What struck me first was the nose. At that point, I didn’t even really know what the nose of a wine meant. But I remember smelling these amazing aromas before I’d even raised the glass to my lips. It had a beautiful cleanness to it. Now, I’d probably describe it as raspberries and red cherries, with a touch of vanilla.”

However, the thing Luke remembers most vividly about the wine (and certainly something we all recall about our most special bottles) was not the taste, but the feeling of pure enjoyment that came with the contents of the glass. These memories have stayed with Luke in great clarity ever since – a summer’s evening, doors thrown open, conversation flowing, and an overwhelming feeling of relaxation and happiness.

This fateful 1999 Bouchard Père et Fils Vosne-Romanée was the bottle which showed Luke that wine deserved so much more recognition than he’d ever given it before. It also helped him understand that wine is about more than simply taste and aroma, but also great company and memorable experiences. “That definitive bottle on your journey of learning about wine doesn’t have to be from an outstanding vintage or carry a world-class reputation. But it will stay with you always.”


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